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Mike & Shelby Trodden

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Mosquito Shield was founded in 2001 to fill the need for an effective and affordable residential mosquito and flea/tick treatments. The company developed Mosquito Protection Barrier™, a patent pending spray that rids properties of the existing mosquito population and builds a barrier around that property for a virtually mosquito-free environment. MPB includes FlexBlend, the industry’s only intelligent spray-blend technology.

The continuous 10-17 day treatment cycle throughout the season strengthens the barrier, reducing the risk of mosquito and flea/tick-borne illnesses while also providing a haven for outdoor living and entertaining.

For thousands of customers nationwide, Mosquito Shield provides peace of mind during mosquito and flea/tick season.

The Corpus Christi and Coastal Bend franchise is a veteran owned and operated business launched by Shelby and Mike Trodden.

After serving 12 years as a combat pilot in the Air Force, Mike and Shelby chose Corpus Christi for raising their two children.

“Upon arriving in 2012, we were shocked at how mosquitoes ruined countless days that should have been spent outside playing with the kids in the yard,” say the Troddens. “Upon learning that Mosquito Shield’s service is having a dramatic and positive impact on thousands of yards across the nation we decided Mosquito Shield was the solution to Corpus Christi’s mosquito problem. Having two dogs who like to play soccer and baseball with us in the backyard, the flea/tick control we can provide is an added bonus.”

The local franchise will officially open on August, 1 2015.

Mosquito Shield currently offers mosquito control and flea/tick control services throughout the country, delivering effective solutions, professional service, and guaranteed results to a rapidly growing base of satisfied customers.

Mosquito Shield has invested over 14 years of research and development in the perfection of its impenetrable Mosquito Protection Barrier™. The company is setting the industry standard for mosquito and flea/tick control and setting itself apart with 95-97 percent customer approval ratings for service, value, and effectiveness.

For more information on Mosquito Shield of Corpus Christi and Coastal Bend, call (361) 929-5426 or email corpuschristi@moshield.com.