Blog - Mosquito Shield in Northeast New Jersey

Zika virus comes north

This past week the Zika virus made its way to Florida. Should we be concerned here in Northeast New Jersey? The answer may be “yes and no.” While the virus itself has been found in North America, the belief to this point has been that the disease was actually contracted by those visiting countries where the mosquitoes were carrying Zika. (In fact, over 1600 travel-associated cases have been reported to date). The Florida news changes all that. The latest reports suggest that the virus is traveling and the mosquitoes that carry Zika aren’t just found in South America these days…. Read more »

Fight Mosquitoes for $10 Million

To fight mosquitoes in New Jersey, the various commissions and Department of Environmental Protection will spend more than $10 million in 2016. That’s a lot of money to spend for mosquito control. Each of New Jersey’s 21 counties is legally mandated to maintain a mosquito control commission tasked with tracking and controlling the insect population as best it can, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Since 1991, the state has used larva-eating minnows as part of a more natural approach to curbing the mosquito population. The state Department of Environmental Protection recently opened a new minnow hatchery at Camden County’s mosquito control… Read more »